Thursday, May 3, 2012


This year I had the divine privilege of becoming James Joseph Cardoza's fiance. You would think that me being a photographer/creative/designer that I would have this grand vision in my head weeks and weeks out. Quite the opposite- I did not have anything in my mind until the night before. I partially was dreading being in front of the camera and partially having the worst time coming up with the style I wanted for me and the Mr. Finally, mr man got this fabulous shirt from Fossil, which reminded me MY love for that store, which lead me to go the night before to get the dress. Back the story up a bit more, you'll soon realize I am busy (designer) and my man (musician) is busy. So the only time we could get our pictures done was before work one unusually chilly Texas morning. 6:20am to be exact. The only vision I had was jokingly said on a drive up to Dallas one early morning. "Babe lets take pix in a field early in the morning with the fog rising all around us. That would be epic, right?"

Thank you to my good friend Corey Robinson for getting up at the most unrealistic time and taking these pictures. He shot the pictures, I edited/post produced them. I love editing photos, almost as much as I love taking them. It was awesome to really try to find what was natural for us as a couple during this session.

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