Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I found some SWEET 1950's Combat boots in my grandpa's workshop when I went home over the summer. So I've been trying to rock them as much as my feet can handle. They need a bit of work to keep in the shape I found them, but Free is Free.  

On your left, is a sweet little girl (3/3) that I've watched a bit over the year. Impromptu style shoot was just what was needed to kill some time while her older sisters were on playdates. I think my babysitting income (even in my 20s) helps support my clothing addiction and love of expensive food! On the right is an aerial view of NYC, my favorite city, my second home. This was from a trip back home in October. I say NYC is like home, but realistically I am from Connecticut -- so the train ride is all that stands between me and my "backyard" 

My 2011 find was this guy. Meet Jimmy. He's  an amazing electric guitar player, beard grower and note writer. What an artisan of words and music. 

No post would be complete without showcasing how freaking cool my dad is. I found these personality capturing moments of my father back when he was my age. My dad was such an original hipster. 

Some of these are my instagrams from throughout 2011.  

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