Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

1. Christmas was my first time to play hostess to my friends who didn't travel home. So I busted out my Anthro apron (black friday steal), and got my hostess on. I made a killer Chipotle Bean Dip and Cheesy Bread Bake that went faster than I could've hoped for!

2. My amazing boyfriend did something extremely special by writing individual notes about each present he got me. There were 13 notes in total. There was a note about candy canes all the way up to my big gift of Original Green Tall Hunter Wellies!!

3. Next to the fire that I stubbornly built, upside down (which he quickly fixed), is my amazing, generous, patient, adoring, kind, manly, musically gifted, God fearing, loving, poetic, handsome, beard donning, plaid wearing, dream of a man. Jimmy is pretty extraordinary! We were blessed to have most of our closest friends there with us. Nothing beats a relaxing Christmas Eve evening filled with festivities, fire and friendship! We all ran a hard December at work, so this night was well worth it.

4. Christmas morning was all me. I kind of went Clark Griswold meets Martha Stewart on the table setting, menu and array of food. We enjoyed (my Family Christmas Tradition) Fried Dough, (Jimmy's Tradition) Cinnamon Rolls, Eggs, THICK applewood smoked bacon and a petite fruit salad. There was supposed to be sweet potato hash browns, but I grated too many and didn't really have a plan. So to the trash they went -- which *shrug* I wasn't too upset about.

5. The GingerBread House can either get really crazy competitive, back hurts and people snap OR you can just embrace being silly and carefree with the haphazard 11pm house challenge. I was surprised that Jimmy got a bit more competitive and focused than expected, actually ALL THE GUYS DID. Where as, the two designers (Tessa and I) and our easy going friend Dani, just decided NOT to take it seriously. BEST CHOICE.

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  1. this looks like the coziest christmas ever! wish i could have been there!